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Heyday Diaries:


All the Rave?

University is a great time to explore your surroundings, but have you thought about getting to lectures after a heavy night out? Is it better your in a strong 15 min pace of your campus? Be honest, 2nd year does have a reputation for being a party year, the first year out of halls! So what is your party schedule going to be? If it’s mid-week I would with my hindsight pick a house nearer to uni. But if you’re mainly going to be studying mid-week and having it large at weekends. Maybe you don’t need to be so close to the campus and can snap up a bargain further out? Think about it…


So you’re moving out of halls and you know your mates now, it might be there’s a group of you who are all good friends, or you know who you can cope with sharing with… You start to look around… If you’re looking for a large house think about the number of bathrooms! 5bd/1bth is not a good ratio!